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Priority Laundry is the most technically advanced and matchlessly networked dry-clean, wash, press and fold services in the UAE, offering Free pickup and delivery services to its customers, by using latest technologies such as IOT, mobile app (ios/android) and online ordering services.

Priority Express Laundry stands out from its competitors as the most technically advanced Laundry Service provider in the whole world. While technology has let the company to take a huge step ahead from the others, the quality and the service given to the customers is not compromised a bit. This makes Priority Express Laundry an all round winner in its league and we strives to put continuous efforts to keep up the winning tag.

Priority Express Laundry is the first fully automated Laundry in the world, where customer gets live status of his Laundry right from the time of pick up till our staffs deliver back at your door, accessible on your mobile. There are multiple check points starting from collection, sorting, washing, pressing till packing, where customers are given live status enabling the customers to get live info about their clothes.

May it be your wedding dress, that suit which you like the most or be it be your daily office wear, we give your clothes top treatment it deserves, making sure you look just perfect every time you wear your clothes. We never fail to make your home look beautiful by extra caring those soft duvet covers and bed linens and all those curtains and carpets which always have been so special for you.

At priority express laundry, we make sure you get the best result out of your work, business and family life, while we sort out the laundry chores for you. We make sure you get treated first class, the way you truly deserve. Our company slogan "YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY" stands out to make sure that customers are treated with top priority!


To be the most technically advanced laundry service provider in the UAE by providing latest technology and first class laundry service to its customers. We give the easiest way of ordering for the customers by providing services such as IOT devices and mobile applications. We are also available on the web for a quick service.


Our vision is to be the top rated, top technology using Laundry Service provider in the world by giving highest quality services to our customers. We believe a customer once is a customer forever if he's treated the way he truly deserves. We put continuous efforts to keep up the reputation.



We are the most innovative Laundry service provider in the UAE by using IOT, Mobile apps and web services for laundry collections. We also provide live laundry status on your mobile app by locating multiple check points between the pick up and delivery, enabling the customer to be completely aware of the manner his clothes are treated.


We show case our integrity to our customers with our tariff card. We charge the least when compared to other laundries, while providing top technology and quality of service throughout. We never want to put a burden on our customers with huge invoices, rather we believe in long term business relationships.


The one thing we never compromise is on the quality of service delivered to our customers. Right from the personalized collection bags, liquid detergents and the delivery bags, we make sure highest quality is maintained and that extra care is given to your clothes. We intend to do justice your extravagant clothes.


Convenient is our top USP. Ordering a pick up and getting your delivery back all the while when you get a live status of your clothes on your mobile app aims at top convenience for our customers. We strive to deliver your clean fresh clothes with a 24 hours turn around time.