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If you are in the corporate sector, we completely understand that you need to wear impeccable formal attire to your workplace. Today’s generation hardly has time to cook and have a proper meal. So it is pretty obvious that washing their clothes on a daily basis can be a very daunting task.

In order to meet out the corporate laundry needs of our customers, we provide exclusive formal wear laundry services. You can bring your formal shirts, trousers, pencil skirts, blazers, coats etc. to us and avail our services at highly affordable costs.

We understand that you have a long day at your office. Wearing the same clothes for long 8-9 hours gives them a lot of dirt deposit and body odor. The task gets even more difficult if you drop your food or coffee on your shirt and get a nasty stain at that place. To solve all your formal wear woes, we provide washing, ironing, and folding services to our customers. Your formal attire will look all brand new and crisp. Our steam ironing facility will ensure that there are no creases or wrinkles on your garments. The exclusive washing facility will ensure that your formal attire is free of germs and foul odor. Our special folding techniques will make sure that your attire is in a ready to wear condition.

In case you have any specific formal uniform, you can bring it to us. We will work our magic on your uniform so that it looks brand new, despite the regular wear and tear. We will provide you the best of corporate laundry services after taking into consideration, the demand for the fabric of your uniform. We guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction.


Are you running your own hotel, gym or restaurant? Do you have a plethora of linen at your place that needs regular washing? Do you run any facility management company and are looking for viable and trustworthy laundry services for your business? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, we are at your rescue.

We provide world class laundry services to hotel, gym and restaurant owners. We also meet out the laundry needs of facility management company owners. We understand that you guys have a lot of workload on your head. Our task is to ease your burden by providing you the best possible laundry services at affordable prices.

We understand that customers can, at times, be reckless with your linen. People may carelessly drop food on your table cloths. Or they may spill coffee on some expensive fabric. If you want to keep your table cloths and other linen neat and clean, you can come to us and avail our washing services. We will also provide you ironing facility if the need be. In case you got a nasty coffee or tea stain that refuses to go, you can bring it to us. We will try to dissolve the nasty stain with our special solvents. We will help you keep your linen in brand new condition.

In case there is an emergency, we will also do same day laundry for you at hundred per cent extra cost. Our specialized services cater to the needs of different market segments. We also take all the necessary precautionary measures in order to retain the sheen of your linen. You can bring mass laundry items to our place and become our regular customer. This will also provide you economies of scale. We look forward to serving you and enjoy your patronage and support!


Are you running your own salon or spa? Are you finding it difficult to find a trustworthy laundry services provider in your area? If your answer is yes to the above-mentioned two questions, we can offer you the best possible solution in the market.

If you are running your own salon or spa, you obviously have two main burdens of laundry. Firstly, you need to get all the towels, napkins etc. cleaned after every use. Customers don’t like any pre-used paraphernalia. Secondly, it is important to keep all such paraphernalia in the best of their condition. Customers want everything in the most hygienic and healthy state only. They will not settle for brash cotton towels which will give them rashes on their skin. Also, if you run your own spa, the need of extremely soft linen is very much rampant. Customers will literally sue you if you try to use any rough or itch-inducing linen on their precious skin.

To overcome these hurdles, we provide you the best of the laundry services. We make sure that your items remain in soft and supple condition. If necessary, we will also suggest you measures to make sure that these fabrics retain their softness in the long run. We use certain solvents and chemicals which ensure that each article is completely clean and germ-free.

Availing our special salon and spa laundry services will ensure that your customers are awe-inspired by the luxurious feel of your linen. We try our best to exceed the high-quality standards of this industry. We have ample of services which provide us a competitive edge. You can check out the list of our services and confirm the rates for the same. We look forward to serving you and enjoy your continued patronage and support.