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Cleaning a leather jacket can be a Herculean task. Especially if your jacket is pure leather. PUK or artificial leather jacket can still be thought about. You cannot afford to take any risk with pure leather jackets as they are considerably expensive. We specialize in cleaning your leather jackets in such a manner that they retain their sheen. The proper and expert care we provide to the skin will ensure that your jacket lasts long.

Any stains or marks can easily be cleaned and brushed by us. We can also touch up the scratches if the need be. Natural skins are pretty complex and once they lose their sheen, restoring it back can be an uphill task. Hence, proper action must be taken before their glory is lost. If you bring your leather jacket to us, we can help your prized possession to get to its lustrous state. In case your jacket is brand new and you want to keep it in an upbeat condition, in the long run, you can still bring it to us. We will help you increase its life and protect its sheen. Timely action in case of leather jackets is extremely crucial. So before your leather jacket starts chipping or crumbling before its expiry date, you should bring it to us so that we can preserve it in the best possible way.

Cleaning leather jackets can be a slightly time-consuming process but we try our best to get your product back to you as soon as possible. The results are surely worth the wait. Our leather jacket cleaning services are extremely affordable and easy on your pocket. You can also check out our other services in case you think we can help.


Did your bridal dress get a huge spot right in the middle just a few hours before your bid day? Do you want to preserve your dress in the long run? Or do you want just the regular cleaning for your beloved wedding day garment? If the answer to any of the above-mentioned questions is yes, we are the perfect place, to begin with. We provide wedding dress cleaning services, both to our male as well as female customers. You can bring your ethnic bridal lehenga or ethnic wedding sherwani or light-colored wedding gown or formal tuxedo and pant or saree or any other wedding garment and avail the best of our services.

We specialize in cleaning the wedding dresses of all the brides and bridegrooms. You should beware of many local dry cleaning guys who do nothing to preserve the sheen of your special dress. These local dry cleaners usually send your wedding dresses to wholesale dry cleaners who usually do not deal with your item with care. They usually make a big bundle of 7-10 dresses of different customers and then wash them together. This leads to transmission of dirt of and grime (also germs) to your royal outfit. If you turn to us for help, we will provide a complete king-like experience to your royal attire!

We the best possible environment-friendly solvents to preserve and clean your wedding dress. We use the best quality virgin solvent for cleaning your dress. There won’t be any unnatural smell of glaze on your wedding dress after the cleaning has been done. Rest assured, your beautiful wedding outfit will be in the best of the hands. Our wedding dress cleaning services are very much affordable and pocket-friendly. You will get the best possible result in a given frame of time.