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The Best Laundry Service in Dubai

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  • Online Ordering Services Available
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Step 1

Bag up all your dirty

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We Pick up your

Step 3

We Clean your

Step 4

We Deliver clean, folded


Priority Laundry is the most technically advanced and matchlessly networked dry-clean, wash, press and fold services in the UAE, offering Free pickup and delivery services to its customers, by using latest technologies such as IoT, mobile app (IOS/Android) and online ordering services.

Priority Express Laundry is the first fully automated Laundry in the world, where customer gets live status of his Laundry right from the time of pick up till our staffs deliver back at your door, accessible on your mobile. There are multiple check points starting from collection, sorting, washing, pressing till packing, where customers are given live status enabling the customers to get live info about their clothes.


Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

Priority Express dry cleaning and laundry service in Dubai are loved and appreciated by all. We take perfect care of your clothes and provide high-quality laundry service in Dubai.

Express and Exclusive Laundry Service

We also provide express laundry service if you require your clothes on the same day. This service will be costing you 100% extra. You can opt for our Exclusive Washing Service if you want to give your garments a VIP treatment!

Bubble Washing

This service is the highlight offer to our customers. In this facility, your clothes treated specially to give clinical treatment which ensures removal of maximum bacteria and germs. The end product is a highly fragrant, hygienic and germ-free garment.

Free Pickup and 24 hours Home Delivery

We aim to provide our customers a holistic solution. To use our laundry service, you can schedule a free pickup and delivery at your doorstep, thus making the entire process, highly convenient and efficient.

High-Quality Laundry Service

We ensure maximum satisfaction to our clients. We believe that our customers are the king and they should be given all the luxury when they demand our services.

Priority Express Laundry service: Make your life a priority while we take care of the rest

Outsourcing is a huge trend in the 21st century. And not only in the work environment. Any mundane task – from cleaning your windows to walking your dog – can now be contracted out to somebody else for a reasonable price. The time when household chores used to be inevitable is officially gone for good.

In the spirit of outsourcing, we offer to take over one of the most time-consuming tasks in the mix – doing laundry. Think about it: the invention of washing machines has really only cut the amount of effort it takes to do the laundry, but not the actual time. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to load the machine and wait for the cycle to finish. Then there is another hour needed for the dryer to work its magic. Add to this the time it takes to sort the clothes and fold them afterwards and get a recipe for a time-management disaster. Laundry can easily steal around 3-4 hours of your day. Stop watching the clothes go round and round inside your washing machine. Hire Priority Express Laundry service in Dubai and use the spare time to reconnect with your loved ones or take on a new exciting project!

5 benefits to get from a laundry service

  1. It saves money

    Sure, laundry companies charge money for their work. But it only seems like washing the clothes yourself is cheaper. Washing machines use a lot of water and electricity. Check out our prices and see for yourself how much you can save on outsourcing your laundry. We pick up and deliver for free. Plus, you can get 25% off on the first order!

  2. It is fast

    We pick up, wash, dry, press, and deliver in 24 hours. Need your clothes crispy clean in a flash? Pay double and use our express laundry service to get it done the same day!

  3. It spares your clothes

    You can trust us with even the most delicate of your clothes. Our Dubai laundry service specialists know the right way to wash, dry, and clean any fabric to preserve the shape and color. If you want your garments handled with extra care, choose our VIP treatment. We will clean your items separately using the gentlest and most fragrant detergents.

  4. It is user-friendly

    To make your life even easier, we have developed a mobile app. Download and use it to schedule your pick-up and delivery time as well as track the laundry progress at any given time of day and night. Outsourcing laundry in Dubai has never been easier!

  5. It bears heavy loads

    An industrial machine can wash up to 600 kilograms of clothes in a single cycle. Forget about sorting! Just bag up all of your dirty clothes and handle them to us. Get everything clean at once without lifting a finger using our 24-hour laundry service.

Tired of loading the washing machine, folding clothes, and searching for that second sock? Contact Priority Express Laundry in Dubai and let us do the dirty work for you!