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Apart from our world class washing and steam ironing facilities, we also offer dry cleaning services to our customers. Our dry cleaning services are unmatchable and highly affordable. Why bother yourself with all the hard to remove stains and blots? If you are worried about that tea stain on your formal shirt, all you have to do is to drop your garment at our place and we will take care of the rest.

Dry cleaning requires certain fluids. We use the best quality eco-friendly fluids to remove all the stains and soils from the fabric. One of the best advantages of dry cleaning is that it dissolves all the grease and stains in a manner that water cannot. Almost all the fabrics respond well to dry cleaning. Synthetic fabrics like polyester also respond well to the entire process. Certain fibers like silk and wool can distort, lose color or shrink when put in water. However, this is not the case with dry cleaning.

With our best dry cleaning services, your garments return to a 'brand new' condition. We have professionals and well-qualified experts who do their work with special care. We have met out the requirements of many of our customers and till date, the response we have got from people is very overwhelming.

Our fine dry cleaning services work for almost all the business and casual attire. The solvents we use are completely environment-friendly. They leave behind no residual discoloration or odor. The final look of your garment is highly luxurious. It is always our conscious endeavor to exceed the demands of our customers.


Gym clothes are probably not the most hygienic garments. They are usually full of sweat and germs. Many times, people find it difficult to get rid of the odor. Many times, gym clothes are caked with mud and grime because of strenuous workout sessions. In fact, special care needs to be taken when dealing with gym clothes. It is mainly because the main gym garments are made up of an entirely different sweat-absorbing fabric. These clothes are not to be washed with casual cotton clothes (or with any other fabric, as a matter of fact). Ordinary detergents or solvents will not treat such a material with hundred per cent effectiveness.

We offer comprehensive gym clothes washing and folding facilities to our customers. We use special medicinal and fragrant chemicals to effectively launder your gym clothes. The final product is a highly redolent and 99% bacteria and germ-free gym garment. You can easily get your all your gym clothes laundered weekly or bi-weekly, as per your convenience.

We also provide expert folding facilities to our customers. Usually, gym clothes do not get any wrinkles as such. However, if you are using a normal cotton t-shirt and lowers as your gym attire, special folding is necessary to keep the wrinkles at a bay.

Our experts and professionals ensure that your demand is met out in the most effective and efficient manner.