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Did that skin hugging dress of yours get tight on your tummy after you gained a few pounds? Or did it fall loose after losing some kilos? Do you want some designing tweaks to your old garment to make it look like a brand new dressy item? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, you can come to us and avail our services.

In case you want any minor or major alterations to your clothes, you can definitely bring them to us. Your personal tastes, body, styles etc. are dynamic. They keep changing in a matter of days. It is obviously not practical to replace your wardrobe every time this happens. The best possible solution is to get your clothes altered in order to suit your needs.

If it Is necessary, we will also provide you suggestions on how to restyle your old garment. We will advise what is the best for your clothes and body. Our affordable services will help you to save money. We specialize in minor designing tweaks, adjustment, repair and alterations in order to meet out your requirement.

Our professional alteration services ensure that your dress or garment gets the most natural fit on your body. All you have to do is to drop your items to our place and tell us about your need. We will provide you speedy services in the smallest possible frame of time. Our bespoke alteration services have won over the hearts of thousands. We hope to enjoy continued patronage and support of our customers. You can also check out our other services and avail them as per your convenience and choice.


Washing stuffy soft toys can be a very difficult task. In fact, some toys come with a warning that they must not be washed. Hence their appropriate cleaning is a must. Your little one is always playing with his favorite stuffed giraffe or little furry teddy bear. You obviously don’t want him to fall ill after chewing the edges of these cute yet bacteria and germ laden soft toys.

We understand that you have got a hectic schedule and hence cleaning each and every toy on a regular basis can seem to be a daunting task. To meet out the needs of busy parents, we have launched exclusive toy cleaning services. Our main motive is to get the dust out of these cute fur balls. The next step will be sterilizing the toys (as per the conditions and warnings on the toys). Sterilizing will ensure that all the germs and bacteria are destroyed and the soft toys are in perfectly hygienic conditions.

In case your baby spilled food on his favorite toy, we can also remove the stains and spots for you. Drying these soft toys can also be a big task. It is because these cotton-filled toys take a lot of time and strong speedy winds to dry. If these two seemingly important drying agents are missing, the soft toys will smell bag and the purpose of sterilization shall be defeated.

You can bring all the soft toys to us for our speedy, professional and pocket-friendly toy cleaning services. We guarantee utmost satisfaction to our customers. You cannot afford to play lazy when it comes to the health of your child. We ensure that the toys are restored to the optimum health and sanity standards so that your child is saved from any carrier diseases. If needed, you can also schedule a convenient time for the pickup of toys right from your doorstep. After the cleaning process is completed, we will deliver the clean toys back to you.


Shoe laundry is one of the toughest tasks in the world of laundry. In fact, many people take the health of their feet very lightly. They are not aware of a number of foot-borne diseases and allergies which can be adverse to their health. Also, after repeated use, shoes also acquire a foul odor which needs to be eliminated. This odor is nothing but the pile up of millions of bacteria. If sports shoes are not timely cleaned, they may cause severe allergies and you may have to run to a podiatrist to solve out your feet woes.

Cleaning shoes is not as easy as putting your clothes in the washing machine and then air drying it. Efforts have to be made in order to brush out any dirt and grime from the grooves. Then, proper cleaning and washing are done keeping in mind the style, design, and material of the shoes. Shoe cleaning requires a strong eye for detail which may otherwise go unnoticed. You obviously don’t want your expensive Nike and Puma to be spoiled. Right? It is hence always better to get the cleaning done by a professional rather than doing it on your own.

We employ high standards when it comes to shoe laundry. Shoe laundry is a pretty novel branch and there are not many such service providers in the city. We make sure that we provide the best of shoe laundry services to our customers. The process mainly involves thoroughly washing the shoes with appropriate solutions in order to remove the odor and germs in the best possible manner. In case any minor repairs are needed, we take care of that too.

After the entire shoe laundry process is over, your clean shoes are returned back to you in the smallest possible frame of time.