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In the hustle-bustle of the day-to-day life, people hardly get any time to wash or launder their clothes. People usually use automatic washing machines or hire a washer man or lady to get their work done. However, many times people cannot afford an expensive washing machine or due to time constraint, they are not able to wash their clothes as often as is needed. To do away with these constraints, we have launched holistic laundry facilities for people. Our services are not only affordable but also aim at complete customer satisfaction. After all who doesn’t like clean, crisp and fragrant clothes? Affordability of our services is just like icing on the cake.

Got a nasty coffee stain right in the middle of your white shirt? Got a big ink blot on your office shirt? Don’t worry about it anymore. We offer the best garment washing facilities. We use the best quality detergents and soaps to wash your clothes. Our washing facility guarantees removal of all the odor and unwanted stains from your clothes. We have expert professionals who use the best stuff on your garments. They ensure that your garments don’t lose their shine and are maintained in healthy condition. Special treatment is given to different fabrics. Cotton garments are washed in one solution whereas silk, in another. The same rule applies to different fabrics as the need maybe. We also ensure that garments with weak dyes are washed separately so that there is no super imposing of colors on different clothes.

We collect your dirty clothes right from your doorstep at a time that is convenient for you. After freshly washing, ironing and folding your clothes, we also offer delivery services right to your doorstep. We aim to win the hearts of our customers with our all round, high-quality and holistic services.


Ironing clothes is an uphill task. Not only it is time-consuming but it also requires a certain level of skill set that most of the people do not possess. In today’s Metropolitan age, it is nearly impossible to devote an hour to iron your clothes. Even if you manage to get that formal shirt of yours, ironed in 10 minutes, the chances of doing that with perfection are meager. To overcome this hurdle, we have launched highly professional steam ironing facility for our customers.

Apart from washing your clothes, we will steam iron and fold them at a very affordable cost. Our pressing techniques will smoothen all the wrinkles on your garments. You can get the professional quality of steam ironing on your garments, irrespective of the type of material. Our non-stick steam iron equipment ensures that all your garments are safely ironed without sticking or burning.

You can sit back and relax at your home and leave all the hectic work to us. Instead of ironing or pressing your clothes for an hour, you can devote that time to your kids or to a recreational activity that you enjoy the most. Our pressing people are big time professionals. We ensure that your garments reach back to you on time. Our services are most suited to the working class. Apart from pressing, we also provide expert garment folding facility. It keeps the ironing intact.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best laundry associations in the industry. Time and again we have proved our mantle with a high amount of customer satisfaction and 100% quality assurance. We hope to enjoy continued support and patronage of our customers.